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Virginia Macari – Interview with The Daily Mail

Virginia“I stopped smoking six months ago and I’m proud to say I haven’t touched one since. I was smoking up to 20 a day in the end, which is ridiculous, and I couldn’t answer the phone without lighting up. I went to The Paul Goldin Clinic in Dun Laoghaire and got hypnotised. It’s not like they put you under a spell, the recondition your subconscious to realise that smoking is bad.

Lot’s of people from TV – naming no names – go there just to work on their confidence. When I got there, the girl said, “Congratulations Virginia, you will never smoke again when you leave this Clinic.” I thought, “I can’t wait to have a cigarette as soon as I leave, I’ll never be able to quit, what am I doing here?” But after an hour-long session, I threw the cigarettes in the bin and I haven’t had one since. I only had cravings for two weeks and I would drink a tall glass of iced water instead.. I was afraid of putting on weight if I quit – I think a lot of people share that fear – but by drinking water instead I avoided that. I definatly noticed an improvement in my skin – I didn’t feel so grey when I put on my foundation in the morning. I also didn’t feel I needed to moisturise every time after a shower. Cigarettes really zap the moisture from your skin. I am a happy non-smoker now, Thanks to The Paul Goldin Clinic“.

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