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Stress affecting your everyday life?

Having Panic Attacks or experiencing the Fear of having a Panic Attack?

Do you need help in taking control of situations in your life?

The Paul Goldin Clinic can help you!

At The Paul Goldin Clinic we deal with all Stress related problems including:

Panic AttacksAnxiety Attacks
Fear of StressLearn to Relax
Overcome Depression

What Causes Stress?

Family, finances, relationships and work are commonly cited as the three main sources of stress among adults. Stress can also be causes by a traumatic event in ones life. However, apart from Post Traumatic Stress (caused by a single event) there is rarely one single cause of the problem and stress in its many guises, can differ from person to person…but whatever the cause, Hypnosis can help to resolve it.

What Stress Can Do To Us?

When we are under stress, our bodies respond as if we were under attack from an outside source. This will result in Stress & panic. Under stress, our subconscious mind will send a message to our brain warning us of danger. The brain then sends impulses to various glands, which in turn, release specific chemical messengers throughout our body. It is these chemicals that produce changes in the body resulting in the phenomenon that we call “stress”. If the chemical reaction to stress continues over long periods of time, it may contribute to physical or emotional illness.

How We Can Help you?

At The Paul Goldin Clinic, we believe that even though a certain amount of stress is essential to a person’s well-being, excess stress (the adrenal rush) can become a habit; an addiction, much like smoking, drinking and over-eating. We believe that Hypnosis is a great tool to help you change your habit pattern of feeling Stressful.

Katie-Jane Goldin says: “Stress” is a learned or programmed behaviour pattern and concludes that what the mind causes, the mind can cure. And so by the use of modern ‘deprogramming’ techniques created by her father Paul Goldin – The Paul Goldin Clinic has found that it is possible to install a new program into the mind, one of peace and serenity.

After many years of extensive research, the Paul Goldin Clinic has developed an innovative technique for the treatment of the stress response. This technique demonstrates that ‘a relaxed body cannot contain destructive emotions’ and this being so, a stressful individual is trained (or conditioned) to ‘relax’ at will. Once you have accomplished this – you will have learned one of life’s most important secrets which is: The art of taking control of one’s emotions, fears and life.

Katie-Jane Goldin’s message is very simple. She states . . .
“It’s all in the mind.”

Contact us now and get your life back on track once and for all with the help of The Paul Goldin Clinic.

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