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Scene illustrating life with chronic pain - Black and White forest pathChronic Pain is something that affects many people on a daily basis. At The Paul Goldin Clinic we use Hypnosis, NLP, SMR, Subliminal Sound and Relaxation Techniques to change the habit pattern of feeling pain.

Pain is a very real debilitating problem for many people – but what if you could change that and become pain free all through the powers of hypnosis? Sometimes pain can continue on in the body, long after the physical pain should have subsided, this can happen after a surgery or a trauma in the body – the mind can get flow or habit of feeling pain – it becomes an emotional issue – of both fear and stress which are related to what happened and what caused the pain in the first place. This can actually make the pain continue on long long after the physical symptoms should have disappeared and it’s all down to the brain’s habit of feeling pain.

But the great thing is that the subconscious part of the brain knows how to change that habit pattern or cycle – and return to the old habit pattern of not feeling pain. If you can feel a certain way once – pain free – and have no physical reason to still be feeling the pain – then you can, without a doubt, feel pain free again and hypnosis can teach you how. It will teach you how to turn off the pain triggers and to banish any of the feelings – both emotional and or physical that make the pain continue.

Something else that makes pain continue on in our mind and body – can be caused by what we actually get out of having pain. As a child – one may learn that when we are hurt or feel pain we get attention – or benefit in some way or another…. So then unconsciously as we grow up – our mind will still think that we might get something from being in pain… be it love, attention, comfort, not having to work, having an excuse to get out of things… yet they do not realise this and are not able to isolate the pain, realise why they are continuing to have the pain – or stop the pain.

But the good thing is – that once you make someone aware of this and that they need to take the control back – through hypnosis and visualisation – the pain will often disappear.

Another interesting fact about pain and the brain is when amputee’s still feel phantom pain in limbs that are no longer there. This tells us that the pain is within the mind – and that the mind can continue convincing itself that it feels pain where they really is no physical cause what so ever.

Stress, trauma, anger, grief, hurt, and emotional trauma are all mind issues – yet can contribute to pain. In Hypnosis – if one deals with their inner pain – then they will find that their outer pain will disappear as well.

Hypnosis will give you back control over your mind and therefore control over your pain!

To see a visualization technique that you can use at home, please sign into our members area and look under “Mind Tips and Visualization Techniques”.

Tens Machine

The Paul Goldin Clinic has found that the “Tens Machine” can have good and qualifying results when it comes to pain relief. We offer all of our clients the opportunity to use our “Tens Machine” free of charge.

Southside Pain Clinic

The Paul Goldin Clinic would also like to Introduce “The Southside Pain Clinic” to its premises….. For more information, please call 01 – 2844284 to arrange your appointment.

Katie-Jane Goldin’s message is very simple. She states . . .
“It’s all in the mind.”

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