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Calm woods representing recovery from depressionDepression is more than just occasionally feeling down in the dumps. Depression is a mood disorder. You feel sad and have no joy in life. You may feel that you have nothing to live for. You have no motivation, no energy and no desire to do anything. There are many types of depression, from simple depressed mood to Major Depression. A person with severe depression has little or no interest in work or hobbies, and may even have trouble getting out of bed.

At The Paul Goldin Clinic we help you to change that habit pattern of being depressed…Through Hypnosis, SMR, Subliminal Sound, NLP and many other techniques we essentially “change the way you think” to a more positive and more motivated, confident and excitable you!! Call us now and change your life… Your past does not equal tomorrow…. So make today the 1st day of the rest of your life!!!

Signs or Symptoms of Depression

Feelings of Self-LoathingFeelings of Helplessness and Hopelessness
Lack of EnergySleeping patterns changing
Change in body weight, increased appetite or loss of appetiteLoss of interest in usually daily activities
Lack or interest in things that used to excite youIrritability
Concentration ProblemsRelationships & Communication skills

Katie-Jane Goldin’s message is very simple. She states . . .
“It’s all in the mind.”

Contact us now and get your life back on track once and for all with the help of The Paul Goldin Clinic.

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