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Walking on the beachSuffering from an Addiction?

Addiction is an illness, which can affect different people in different ways. It is a loss of control; a physical or a psychological dependency.

It can dominate your life ad the lives of those around you. It can be used as a method of escapism and becomes a habit, which is hard to break.

At The Paul Goldin Clinic we understand you. WE can HELP YOU to break this habit and teach you to control this dependency, which is in fact Controlling You. We offer Behavioural Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis for the treatment of addiction.

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By taking that first step, you are one step closer to changing your life, and the lives of the people around you.

Common Addictions:

Addicted to GamblingAddicted to Alcohol
Addicted to SexAddicted to Porn
Addicted to the InternetAddicted to Facebook
Addicted to Mobile PhoneAddicted to Sat Nav
Addicted to TelevisionAddicted to Fake Tan
Addicted to certain foods

Katie-Jane Goldin’s message is very simple. She states . . .
“It’s all in the mind.”

Contact us now and get your life back on track once and for all with the help of The Paul Goldin Clinic.

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