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Addiction is an illness, which can affect different people in different ways. It is a loss of control; a physical or a psychological dependency… [more]

Bad Habits

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Many people have bad or negative habits. They may have been doing them since childhood, or it could be relatively new habit. Either way, being… [more]

Common Problems

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At The Paul Goldin Clinic we deal with many issues and problems people face on a day-to-day basis. We help change people’s lives; to help them… [more]


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The Paul Goldin Clinic is now offering certain course for the corporate sector… [more]


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Depression is more than just occasionally feeling down in the dumps. Depression is a mood disorder. You feel sad and have no joy in life… [more]

Exam Success

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Hypnosis can Help!! Every year The Paul Goldin Clinic has hundreds of students passing through its door worried, stressed and under pressure… [more]

Fears & Phobias

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A Fear is an innate response mechanism that is there in order to protect us when we are in threatening situations. However, sometimes… [more]


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HYPNOBIRTHING CLASSES in The Paul Goldin Clinic can help Mums and dads become more empowered, confident and self assured in knowing …[more]

Increase your confidence

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Self-confidence is something that we’re all born with, however, often it gets lost along the way from negative conditioning and negative beliefs… [more]


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If you are lacking in sleep it affects every part of your life. Many people find the more they focus and worry about trying to sleep… [more]

Irritable Bowel

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We have had many clients attend The Paul Goldin Clinic suffering from IBS and hypnosis is a great tool in helping people overcome the symptoms… [more]


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At The Paul Goldin Clinic we deal with all types of motivation including: General Life Motivation, Work Motivation, Sports Motivation… [more]


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Chronic Pain is something that affects many people on a daily basis. At The Paul Goldin Clinic we use Hypnosis, NLP, SMR, Subliminal Sound… [more]


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At The Paul Goldin Clinic we deal with all types of Pregnancy & IVF including: General Life Pregnancy & IVF, Work Pregnancy & IVF, Sports Motivation… [more]

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Chronic Public Speaking is something that affects many people on a daily basis. At The Paul Goldin Clinic we use Hypnosis, NLP, SMR, Subliminal Sound… [more]


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Having a harmonious relationship is essential for peace of mind. Relationships can be the source of so much pleasure… But can also bring pain… [more]


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There is a long history of hypnosis in sport, especially in Olympic athletes, proving how these techniques can seriously impact performance… [more]

Stage Fright

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Performing may be your profession, or you may have a talent that you are good at performing at home in private – but as soon as you step… [more]

Stop Smoking

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Have you tried and tried but just can’t seem to give it up? Then look no further… The Paul Goldin Clinic is here to help you!! The Paul Goldin Clinic… [more]

Wedding Stress

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Is your wedding causing you stress? Need more confidence Public Speaking? Afraid of Flying off for your honeymoon? At The Paul Goldin Clinic… [more]

Weight Management

Fruit Weight management

Having problems controlling your weight?? The Paul Goldin Clinic can help you!!! Change the WAY YOU THINK ABOUT FOOD to control your weight… [more]

Fertility & IVF

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The state of hypnosis makes positive visualisation much easier and more effective too. If you are about to start an assisted fertility cycle, hypnotherapy can help you to feel mentally, emotionally and physically prepared…. [more]

List of common issues

StressMemory retentionStop Smoking
Weight lossHealingBlushing
Get more out of lifeMigraineHappiness
Guilt ComplexCreative ThinkingGrief
Over sensitivityAgoraphobiaReactivating the immune system
Illness acceptanceNervous HabitsStammering / Stuttering
ShynessWeight LossSelf Hypnosis for Cancer
Sexual disordersWeight GainColour relaxation
Learning to take control of your life.Eating DisordersFears
Premature EjaculationMale Erection IssuesMale Impotence
Female VaginasmIncrease female libidoRelationship Issues
Self-esteemSelf GrowthIBS
Easy BirthInsomniaStage Fright
PerformancePublic SpeakingAnger Management
Panic AttacksDepressionAnxiety
ClaustrophobiaDriving TestFlying
Children’s IssuesAddictionsPhobias
Body ImageBed Wetting