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Need to quit smoking in 2016? Here’s how to do it using our free download

smoking-640x427It is the time of year for New Year’s resolutions and there’s none bigger than giving up smoking.


Clinic director Katie Jane Goldin created a series of recordings which can help you quit smoking using hypnotherapy.

The Paul Goldin Clinic has helped thousands of people to Stop Smoking from all over the world only takes 1 hour!!

Nobody is born a smoker! In fact I have no doubt that the very first cigarette you smoked – you probably coughed and spluttered! So why did you continue?’ asks Katie.

‘Perhaps because you wanted to keep up with your friends and peers.

‘Maybe it was ‘cool’ to smoke and as a result you developed the habit pattern – became brainwashed/programmed into developing that smoking habit.

‘But whatever it was that caused the nicotine smoking habit to take hold in the first place is of no consequence.

‘What is important is that you break your smoking habit once and for all… and The Paul Goldin Clinic will assist you to break that habit pattern . . . The nicotine habit!’

The Paul Goldin Clinic is 50 years in business this year and is known as one of the most renowned Hypnotherapy clinics of it’s time.


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