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15/3/14 Keeping the love alive

Do you remember the feelings you used to get in your tummy when you first met your partner? The butterflies… the tummy flips… the longing to see them when you weren’t together? Those are amazing feeling that should carry on for your lifetime with your partner.

Now I get that those exact feelings fade – we know you are no longer nervous to see your partner if you’ve been with them for a significant amount of time – however those feelings should be replaced with an alternative emotion that still creates the same endorphins. You should still feel excited and happy to see them. Lucky to be with them and miss them if they are away. In turn they should feel the same for you – you want them to feel proud to be your partner and happy when they are around you. Secure, comfortable and loved.

When couples are together for a long period of time – they can often forget the little things that really make a difference in a relationship – the feeling that make the relationship that little bit special. It’s easy to fall into a relationship rut – but here’s one little bit of advice to ignight those endorphines again and help to make sure you and your partner are always happy to see each other.

From now on when you come home in the evening – instead of complaining about your day, how much you hate your job, that you want your dinner and moaning that the dog needs to be walked – start with a hug and a smile. Now change your language – instead of telling them you had a rotten day – rephrase it and say how happy you are to be home with them after the tough day you’ve had. Make sure to ask them how they are and answer them with a positive outlook.

Getting yourself into a postive new habit like this will not only help your relationship – but it will create those fantastic endorphines and make you feel better no matter what kind of day you’ve had.

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