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about-imageEstablished for over 36 years, The Paul Goldin Clinic is recognised as one of the finest Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy Clinics in Europe.

The founder, Professor Paul Goldin was one of the leading exponents of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Europe. He was a member of the National Council of Hypnotherapists in Britain and a founder member of the British Hypnosis research society. He was also a fellow of The American Academy of Traumatic Stress, and in 2006 was conferred with a professorship from the rehabilitation research Centre in Bejing China, in recognition to his contribution in his particular field of psychology.

In the early years, Paul Goldin studied medicine at London University. In the early 1970′s he emigrated to the USA and teamed up with one of America’s foremost psychiatrists, Professor Maurice Silver.

It was during this period (1978) that the calamity of the Jonestown Massacre became world news.

Jim Jones, the guru, considered the world was coming to an end. He then instructed his thousand or so devotees to commit suicide – to drink cyanide and lemonade. As a result of this, some eight hundred or so men women and children perished.

Paul was commissioned by the U.S. Government to organise a team and initiate a programme which would be instrumental in assisting the survivors of the Jonestown saga to integrate back into society.

This he accomplished and as a consequence he became fascinated with all the aspects of the Jim Jones’s psychological “subliminal brainwashing” techniques. Paul later decided to adopt these skills, modify them, and use them to “empower” an individual rather than “enslave “them.

By using these principles he later became accepted as one of the leading “deprogrammers” (exit councillors) in the United States.

Soon after he became the primary founder of the “Stress-Management and Phobia” clinics in Hawaii, then Nevada, the UK, and later in Ireland.

In the 1980′s Paul returned to Ireland and opened The Paul Goldin Clinic in Dublin, where people still travel from all over the world to attend. Many patients are referred to the clinics by the medicinal profession. Others are by recommendation of satisfied clients.

The clinic is now under the Direction of Paul Goldin’s daughter Katie-Jane Goldin.

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